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Pks Producciones is your One-Stop-Shop for all your event production needs.

Stefani Longshamp

Our team of experts is available to assist you in every stage of the event, from pre-production to post-production. We specialize in covering all types of events and ensuring that your event is a success. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you make your event unforgettable.



We take care of everything needed for a successful live event, from creating presentations and scripts to scouting locations and securing catering. Let us handle the details so you can focus on enjoying your event.



 We seamlessly cater to diverse needs and locations with our comprehensive range of services. From captivating real estate property showcases to flawlessly executed live streaming events, live events CCTV, engaging Instagram footage, mesmerizing music videos, and compelling video ads, our team excels in every aspect of production. We specialize in crafting high-quality content tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that your message resonates effectively with your target audience. 



We offer a full suite of post-production services, including video editing, color grading, animation, and more. Our skilled team utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry-leading techniques to ensure every frame is polished to perfection, delivering impeccable results that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.

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